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The musical life of the song-writer

Test listening new album

Aug 28 2015

First Music Publishing announces new album «Andrei Misin. PERE-GOOD». The author and sound producer Andrei Misin is a unique composer, a musician, a singer working at the crossroads of styles and genres. In his works, he drew different poets. This time was the poetic co-author Yuri Vorotnin, creative response to the composer gave him the book of poems "Heavenly Shield". In just one week, Andrei wrote 14 songs. These songs reflect the Russian attitude today.

The album features 11 new songs that can be heard on iTunes č Google Play.

1Two Birch Wing4:03
2Judged But Decided3:19
3Peregood (severe hum)3:58
4Gipsy Song3:18
5Express Train3:39
6Front-line Hundred Grams3:09
8My Motherland3:53
10To Drift3:21
11Life is Beautiful ;-)3:47

Stellar premiere of new song

Dec 31 2013

Alla Pugacheva has acted in the show "New Year's at First" with the premiere of the song "Flower of Fire", written especially for this occasion. Unfortunately, nowhere identifies the authors of the song - music Andrei Misin, lyrics Natalia Kamlyuk.

Release CD «Franch kiss»

Mar 29 2012

First Music Publishing announces new album Inna Subbotina "French Kiss". You are waiting for a song about love and sincere feelings, with French charm talented performer of French chanson. The songs of the album is a synthesis of popular music, urban romance and French chanson, which arose under the influence of creativity Maran, Adele, Carla Bruni and San Severino. The songs performed in French and Russian. The album has 13 tracks, each of which obeys in the same breath.

Creative efforts Mark Tishman

Mar 10 2012

The finale of the Russian "Eurovision 2012" was live on the TV channel "Russia-1". Song «Money vs Love» with the Andrei's music has helped Mark to reach the final of the national selection. In the «Money vs Love» sound only live instruments - acoustic guitar, accordion and double bass. Mark made himself the video clip... But in Baku went "Buranovskie babushki".

"Tales for Women" by Inna Subbotina

Sep 28 2011

The album "Tales for Women" is 90% of the original album - words and music by vocalist Inna Subbotina. The album was the most feminine, the most sensible, the most daring. It's an album of stories, moods, emotions, and, of course, love.

A few romance was record thru rare compressor Fairchild 670, vintage tape machine Studer C37 of MMS Records studio, which make the sound of the last century.

Party accordion and acoustic guitar played Andrei.

Inna Subbotina and the album "French Kiss"

Feb 01 2010

Recently defined name joint album one of the most stylish singers on the Russian stage Inna Subbotina and cult musician, composer, and producer Andrei Misin. The album, scheduled for the end of the winter of 2010, will be called "French Kiss". In the track listing for the album will include nine songs in English, three in French, as well as two instrumental compositions.

"We had several variants of "Rain Dances", "It, he and accordion", - said Inna. - But the most successful was the "French Kiss", which reflects the French aesthetics album and, of course, erotic hint at Plexus languages - Russian and French: synthesis of two cultures.

The album "French Kiss" will be the fourth in a discography of vocalists and will move in its creativity from the traditional Russian Romance and pop stars to synthesize urban romance and chanson 20th century.

Waterfall voice of Gregory

Oct 12 2009

New album Gregory Leps "Waterfall" is released. The album, the record number of songs were two long years. Some of these songs have already visited at the tops of the charts, while others have not been presented. The album includes two songs composed by Andrei Misin who become hits: "Black snow" in verses of Simon Osiashvili and "Words" in verses of Karen Kavaleryan.

Magic duo of accordion and voice

Aug 20 2009

Earlier this year, Andrei Misin was captivated by playing the accordion. Carried away so much that on a couple of hours in a row can play for time. And, perhaps, not accidentally he met singer, poet, and composer Inna Subbotina, which is also lit up these ideas and wishes to sing such quiet songs to accordion and voice were a duo, so that the audience enjoyed. Who likes the voice will listen to the voice, who likes to instrumental music, will listen to the accordion.

"In this new project, I enjoy playing the accordion. I first started playing with live musicians! Then I everything one did, and here with me "Orchestra Creole Tango" musicians." - told composer on air radio "Russian news service". Recorded two versions of the song "Dancing in the rain" (also in French version). Another song is dedicated to the French singer Edith Piaf. Work on the songs continues. Songs are already in the air.

Gregory Leps "In the center of the Earth"

Dec 06 2006

Three new songs "In the center of the Earth", "Road" and "Freezes Sun" composed by Andrei Misin will enter new album Gregory Leps "In the center of the Earth", which soon will issue a "Mystery sound". Two songs written in verses Karen Kavaleryan.

The album "In the center of the Earth" was recorded in the summer and autumn of 2006. This is the second numbered disk, released Gregory Leps within one year. And over the singer has a much more thoroughly than the previous album "Labyrinth".

It has ten songs. But this is not a "regular" CD by famous singer Russian chanson. Gregory Leps in his new album goes far beyond the laissez-faire for determining singer quality Russian chanson. Artist plays with the form of songs, seeking new manifestations.

Gregory gave a musical "Labyrinth"

May 23 2006

In selling album Gregory Leps "Labyrinth" by he worked three years. Gift option album contains a bonus DVD that includes clips on songs "Labyrinth" and "Blizzard", and a picture gallery. The album consists of 9 songs. The issuing company "Mystery sound". The title song written by Andrei Misin, poems Karen Kavaleryan. Now he is ready to submit it to the general public in the form of a large concert program.

Christina Orbakaite

Sep 19 2005

Three new songs for Russian star Christina Orbakaite , will be presented on her new album. In the self creativity Andrei heads on author's instrumental music (very cool!), as more universal for perception which, probably, will be on a new album of Andrei.

Natasha Kamlyuk

Sep 12 2005

Andrei has discovered his muse in a Minsk poetess Natasha Kamlyuk. Now he is working over new records, one of which is called "To come back home".

The Best of 1989-1995

Feb 01 2005

At length Andrei has issued his new collection "Andrei Misin. The Best of 1989-1995 y.". The best songs performed and recorded by Andrei during the period 1989-1995 made the album. In CD including bonus video "The Blinds", which was made in 1989 for Muzoboz TV programm.

The album is issued in limited circulation (1000 copies) and expensively packed.

The "Prince Vladimir" soundtrack

Oct 21 2004

Misin finishes in studio record of the american ward, and Zhelannaya & Co - soundtrack to an animation "Prince Vladimir".

from Vera Zvezdova

New compact disc

Sep 21 2004

Andrei Misin agreed with the company "ARK-System Records" About release of a new compact disc with records of the best compositions of the last years and a new composition "Volga". Roughly the disk will appear on sale in one-two month. Trial circulation of 1000 copies. The album will leave in gift variant. "ARK-SYSTEM" has shown activity as after monitoring the market it became clear, that demand for Misin's music is expressed rather brightly.

from Vera Zvezdova

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