Ziedonis, Imants Yanovich

Ziedonis, Imants (b. 1933), poet, the national poet of Latvia (1977), the prose writer, the translator, script writer. Books of Ziedonis are translated to many languages of peoples of the USSR and the world. I. Ziedonis - the honored worker of culture Latvian SSR. Book I. Ziedonis "Color fairy tales" is included in H.K.Andersen's International honourable list. In the poetic collections 1961-83, in the book of sketches "Kurzemite" (1970-74), in the collection of philosophical miniatures "Aepiphanii" (1971-74) - the reference to national traditions, folklore figurativeness, the thin world of a poetic reflection. The author of books for children (1973-1981).

Ziedonis Imants Yanovich (b. May 03, 1933, Ragaciems, now Tukum area), the Latvian Soviet poet. Member of the CPSU with 1962. Has ended philological faculty of the Latvian university (1959) and the supreme literary rates (1964). He is printed with 1956. The first collection of verses "The earth and dream" has published in 1961. Then collections have release: "Dynamite of heart" (1963), "Ienter into myself" (1968), "As the candle burns" (1971) etc. Poetry of Z. is modern and polemical, to it are peculiar as romantic aspirations, and philosophical meditation; the poetics of him combines classical tradition with searches of new means of the expressiveness, new rhythms. Essay of Z. (1965-1974) is inverted to the modernity. In 1970 the collection of prosaic miniatures "Aepiphanies" has left. Z. Has translated into on the Latvian language poetry of A.A.Blok, V.V.Mayakovsky, V.A.Lugovskoi, P.Sevak, I.Drach etc. The State premium Latvian SSR (1967).

Lit.: History of the Latvian literature, v. 2, Riga, 1971.

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