Igor Zamaraev, sound producer.

Zamaraev is the sound producer of MDM studio, worked there at the end of 80. On those times it there was very serious studio, hardly probable not the best in Moscow. A stone's throw away from it, in MDM, in the next room, there was our rehearsal base.

Igor Zamaraev always was the person advanced, watched development European musical culture, insisted on use of ethnic traditions still then, in 1989. He, by the way, worked and with Misin, record his first album "Stranger".

In 1991 he has invited here Norwegian singer Mari Boine from which we have record a joint album "Mote I Moskva". Recently the album was republished, because interest to it suddenly has unexpectedly grown. Zamaraev always went a little ahead of all ours sovok, years so on fifteen as a minimum. Also pulled behind itself us.

I think, Igor Zamaraev still it is a lot of, than is well-known. Never simply he stuck out the importance. Now Zamaraev lives in Norway, in Oslo. It seems to me serious loss. I with him only also worked.

Inna Zhelannaya

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