Patrushev, Sergey Vladimirovich

Hi, people! :)
Has got here casually. Has read all. Has much learned interesting and unexpected (in your comments on songs).:))

To tell the truth, I am very grateful to all of you. Especially for that at me the opportunity has appeared to listen Andrey's songs.:) You will laugh, but I have not enough of them, and those on any old cassettes... The matter is that those disks which Andrey always gave me after release, I gave anothers.:) And so also it has turned out, that at me almost anything is not present... more truly, was not for yesterday, and now - simply revelry of "democracy"! Has received all! :)

Thank, the fine site, very convenient, beautiful, and obviously necessary. I here have already directed my familiar which all time stuck, that I have given Misin's songs to them...

About itself. I live in Moscow. I was born 1954 like Andy. Unfortunately I do not drink.:) I can not name myself "judge" Andrey's creativity.:) I treat co-authors, it absolutely other category, rather than amateurs, much less celebratory and demanding a sober head, cold hands, legs...:)))) poet Sergey Patrushev co-author of Andrey Misin

As we have met... Someone has given Andrey my phone. I then really worked as the yard keeper only month four when has decided to terminate work as the engineer and have left from the big firm where received very good money... Well and...

We have agreed upon a meeting at my place so it has turned out, that I have come from street in overalls, dirty, unshaven, frozen..., and here - Andrey, though and not in a tuxedo, but nevertheless... And it was a shame to me :))

Well, and then we drank tea and spoke. What - I do not remember. He has left to me any music on the cassette (too I do not remember now - what) and... began.:)) Well, we swore earlier quite often, but all this worked on an end result. Many songs (especially early and subsequent) are written by Andrey directly on verses, now on the contrary - I write on ready music. I such "a room mouse" - Andrey call, brought music (recently - I have sent on e-mail), I sit and create a verse.:)

Andrey is the Keeper of a heap of my shaggy writing-books which I wanted to throw out, and he has not given. And sometimes reads to me by the phone my rhymes which I at all shall not find out...:)

Here still the matter is that he SO READS THEM, that in them there is even what in them never and was not! I on his place would earn the big money to recitation! No, the word of honour - any actor SO does not read verses. It seems to me (without insult), that he reads verses much better, than sings. IMHO.

Sergey Patrushev - old friend Andrey Misin. Generally he the musician, but long time writes verses for songs, and for very many vocalists. However, it is his earnings, and for Andrey - the basic creativity.

Above texts work goes always very long, thus essentially another can become and arrangement songs because for Andrey harmony of music and the text is important.

First, as a rule, become a melody, then Andrey offers Patrushev a song subject, sometimes - some sketches of the text, and already then it is all is grinded. The text at times varies up to unrecognizability. Therefore work on a song can last some months.

Aleksei Rozanov

Relations at them with Andrey very uneasy... At them absolutely different temperament: Sergey - quiet, sedate, Andrey - gusty, quick-tempered. Andrey constantly experiments, changes something, and Sergey is not glad to this because considers, that "Misin will sing all over again precisely as it is necessary, and then will alter all..."

On the other hand, Sergey's remarkable verses could get lost and Andrey carefully stored all, has not given anything to disappear:) Andrey tries that one poet another still any projects begins, but always comes to a conclusion, that nobody is better Patrushev him understands:)

Elfia Garipova

Andrey Misin's music 2008