Interview with Andrey Misin

Eugene Gavrilov: - A few words about your recent works. What work?

Andrey Misin: - Some time ago I decided not to focus on work related to the great Russian material that previously produced, himself sang and other. I have a great desire to go wide - write different music.

Strangely enough, the first time was to somehow remain on stage. Not just walk away in pure kompozitorstvo. For this reason, there was an interesting experiment, when was still alive Grigory Gorin, who wrote the play "A plague on both your houses". The play was staged in theatre Mayakovsky, I wrote all the music and six vocal tracks. And for three years, that would be done once a week in the theatre Mayakovsky sang this performance... But it's a completely different music, written in the aesthetics of the 16th century, founded on an ancient music. Later wrote another play "The Dwarf", too for theatre Mayakovsky, but then I passed the vocal actors and said: "All guys! No longer want to play! ".

I'm a person that in two or three years I still annoys. For this reason, probably I left writing any big works as one of the components themselves.

Despite these theatre works, I continued to write music in parallel. Was a series of successful work in film with Director Miroshnichenko, who teaches in Moscow Institute of cinematography. He is the most important we have kinodokumentalist. Has done some good documentary films including the film with my music "The Moscow Angel", which New York took first prize at the competition film.

All went together. At the same time, I wrote a circus performance, which was absolutely not like me. This was the purest water electronic music of contemporary urban life in Moscow with different dances. Year three worked this performance, he worked for. In parallel continue completely different work. I am bored every day doing what did yesterday.

E.G. - With whom you work with?

Andrey Misin: - Love working with singers, who did not become fixated on one aesthetics. Strangely enough, this has Christine. It's fairly moderate vocal talent is so good with songs deal, they did not become boring. Same with Grigory Leps work. Just yesterday I recorded a new cool song.

Everything that I held with the vocal abilities of the people with whom I have to work. Never give song that people will not be able to sing. Conversely, I give the most hardest song man who knows how to sing. And my songs are born with an. Literally the day before yesterday Christina received two brand new, very nice songs.

Perhaps there will be our tandem with singer Stas Mikhailov. This we work with Karen Kavaleryan. We very much with it wrote songs.

E.G. - Why do you not hear?

Andrey Misin: - People ask where I was gone? I'm not gone. Just work. Once distracted by some visiting sites. And then I will tell you a little secret: I suddenly discovered that I want to release next year album where just will play the accordion. In me lives this passion. In childhood very much played on this instrument.

There are many melodies, which for one reason or another, either steel or steel songs, but beautiful. I suddenly wanted to borrow and very minimal composition: bass, acoustic guitar, drum and accordion, and just play them.

This desire in me should disappear, but it disappears after recording material. Once you let stuff from himself, he starts to live their lives. Here's the disc released - and let go. Let lives. Not going to go on tour with accordion. I have a desire. Good life, if there is match with their wishes and you live easily.

But the only place where can't live easy, it's in Karelia. Love these places. This is probably somewhere in my genetics. accumulated many interesting material. But I want to implement it in silence the songwriting someone or accordion and all that.

Our life sometimes consists of a very strange things. For example, before gladly such material produced, but, strangely, poet, whom I loved to work for a while his Oriental theories, then agricultural interests within the country. And suddenly he call me, his name is Sergey Patrushev, I with him much time wrote music, everything he again ready to write. And I am without it as without hands. This is the same as, getting used to a Studio, it is very difficult to find another, in which you can do.

Remember when released the first album on vinyl was called "Alien" (1989) and then on the CD "I am" (1991). Everything was recorded in the Studio of the Moscow Palace of youth (MDM). But sound engineer went to Norway. It was Igor Zamaraev, soundman Norwegian drama theatre in Oslo. There he stayed with his talents. But we stayed as without hands.

There he already this profession, loaded with theatrical work, ballets, and other things. And not to the records. Recent albums that he recorded later music. The Group "Alliance", Inna Zhelannaya, "Aria", the last album "Autograph", "Kamennyi Krai" - everything was in one place record. So this was all over and correct.

Here's what one person in history. The people left. And I couldn't find a person who could adequately read what I want! Of course, a new music, new people, new sounds, but those who wanted a real, live professional sounding, orphaned. Everything today is optimized on the electronics, etc.

With regard to Sergey Patrushev, he finally returned. He built a house in Krasnodar. I asked: "Why you House under the Krasnodar?" - "You know, there are warm, there is great! There are fruits, vegetables, sea nearby and there weather, climate, there is silence, there not Moscow". Held annually... Call: "Well?" - "Sell. I can't. Tosca crotalus. Here too well. Can't without Moscow". - "Well, come on, come on". - "OK! Ready again write work." We simply from another generation of other words.

Here's an interesting. With Karen I'm working on the market: Alla Pugacheva, Orbakaite, Gvercitelli, Leps, Mikhailov - all verses by Karen. The profound music that himself, my Rhode is a Patrushev. Except, of course, our poets well-established, Russian poets-classics. I had a lot of songs from Slutsky and ending with Mandelshtam. Patrushev of the same view on poetry. And Karen is perfect songwriter. It is built specifically song. I've written many songs that could calmly sing yourself and feel great in the Russian chanson market. And here's my mouth isn't talking! We should be doing, when and what word you say.

So live. Great. Write and write. And playing the accordion ...

E.G. - Goes, accordion never released out of hand?

Andrey Misin: - Practically, Yes. By the way, to Russian culture came through the accordion. The amazing thing. When he studied at the Conservatory, the last three in absentia. It was the Alma-Ata Conservatory and moved at that time in Moscow. And here's to making money on long-haul flights, three years worked in Western Belarus at weddings. Played on accordion. Sometimes hours on 5-6, with light room lamps.

I played polkas, waltzes, folk songs, and more. Apparently, during these three years, Western European, Slavonic, Polish-Belarusian culture so entered in my body, which was a natural result when moved to Moscow, released the album "Az esm", "Chuzhoj" and other-purely Slavic songs. This happened naturally. Once! And went in this direction. Only a few years playing on people's weddings in villages where people are singing folk songs. When I was accompanied by, the head itself something happened.

Before that I was not the biggest folklorist. And is there such a mixture of cultures! Western Belarus, where the simultaneous influence of Ukraine, Poland, Russia. Is there such a curious music!

E.G. - What instrument do you get started his career in music?

Andrey Misin: - I have always one instrument - microphone. A little I can play the piano. Even once in the ensemble played on it. But always was a singer.

E.G. - Tatiana Akhramkova, with which you have put performance "The Dwarf", do you have too creative?

Andrey Misin: - We just for a while deal. Love to 2-3 years tightly than one to deal with. After this me is quite boring. Brains need something more.

I'm quite erratic. Maybe for this reason, I retired from the stage, I am so tired of the same sing! At all times be the same. Like an entirely different. Want to try everything. Many blamed Me for it, but want to live their lives.

That confusing at all times come and say: "Here I am!". This is pointless. You, in the end, this monument and you will die. This uninteresting.

I every day trying to find new music. Not only its. With great pleasure I wander over the Internet and various Gotham, for myself in all directions. I enjoy the simple things.

Recently, Artemy Troitsky where casually about American site, where many Russians. One is the only University website's many new Russian artists that send songs in the hope of the American market.

It was opened by video and suddenly see a band, which, in my opinion, is called "Prologue". Guy and a girl. And such a clip! Got such a pleasure! Despite the fact that everything they do know by heart, I can enjoy simple fortunes of other people.

At the same time listen to the most complicated album by Sting, where he played the lute Egin Karamazov. Many respond negatively. And, in my opinion, a magnificent album where showing new features, as can be accessed with sound. As Lute sounded in today, with all the technical capabilities of today, with all treatments.

Because you cannot make music something static. When listening to this album by Sting, catching that I like it yet because sounds so modern! Not frozen in time, of the century.

And at the same time love very authentic ancient music to listen to and in the original. In short, live their lives.

E.G. - At that time you like Sergey Patrushev also ran away to the country?

Andrey Misin: - Not quite... I built a summer cottage in the Woods and thought I'll write a lot?! And it turns out that there have been travelling in the year day twenty. Squirrels, foxes, birds... Sometimes I go there I arrive and even his guitar not ras?ehl??. Get back out on the porch, and so good! There's no need to artificial music. The very nature of music. You start to enjoy natural music, music of nature.

E.G. - Unreachable ideal?

Andrey Misin: - If you want to get to the music of nature, then better to go to the East. It is for this principle are all Eastern philosophy and stuff. You have to dissolve it. Usually the person who creates something myself, dissolving in nature during three days may be enough for the next year, own work.

But do not come on nature, take out the guitar, fry kebab and on the whole forest of yelling songs. This is possible. If you do not hear from nature, you do not hear anything.

E.G. - This is akin to how composers of the past, like Mussorgsky, "drink from folklore" before creating their masterpieces?

Andrey Misin: - No, Mussorgsky not so "drink from folklore" during the period when he wrote the music. If a person deals with some kind of folk culture, this should be included either in early childhood or early adolescence. Somewhere out there. After a while it starts in you respond.

Amazing effect! This is the same as I learned to play the accordion. He stayed with me for life! Were funny moments, when the Studio recorded organ party, but I was told that "you're on organ timbre is play as the accordion or both bayan". I have thinking quite popular. Bayan and accordion are folk instruments, and children tend to teach at some samples of folk music. Here is the left and it shows up. Everything from earlier years.

For Musorgsky - Yes, because as a child he was surrounded by a vast number of folk music, from the nanny, who sang to the atmosphere, in which he lived, where there was only folk music.

As a rule, people arriving somewhere, begins to learn. The important thing is that learning is not spoiled its genetic code. And while studying contemporary musics comes. Why all schools students attempt to write in a modern manner type avant-garde and others? Don't understand what you have to catch it, and genetic predisposition. In the end, it turns out the funny thing-they all write, write, write up. After 20 years they begin to write normal music. In that it coincides with them and society and everyone understands: Yes, now this is it. So any artist goes this way. Not talking about his fascination with groups like "Led Zeppelin", "Emerson, Lake & Palmer", etc.

When I tried it and found myself on other areas associated with myself, I have not stopped their love, and stopped to listen to them!

My House just the richest collection of performances all rock bands. Video, media - which only, no! I don't listen to it, its youth. I have everything. At any time, when I listen to nostalgia and the work, know exactly what it is I have. But that is a tribute, although track the fate of these people.

Not going to play in this manner, but to me, these people just like them.

There is such a group "Police", which gathered again and went to 1.5 years a world tour. Sting returned its musicians, and after a taxiing on tour. Literally a week ago in drive and I bought it yesterday, it's my eyes lies. Concert from Buenos Aires these old men that 25 years ago blew up the world of songs like "Roxanne" and stuff.

Over 25 years. These people are just cool, just delicious, so aggressively. Such grandparents. This is what is missing to us. For some reason our adult musicians with such persistence work and in the day today! All these people have already money, yachts. Nerve has left. Probably, this is not so much been fair in their music.

Listen to our rockers and understand: everything is empty. I judge on music my mate, Andrey Makarevich. We are on good terms with him. But a new his music, frankly, to listen to is not ready. And about the music of that time - can sign on each song. It appeared to match exactly the time and now is just nostalgia. It is a pity.

And take any song "Led Zeppelin"! That then it would be that now.

E.G. - Is there a need for composer remain up-to-date?

Andrey Misin: - It is not a matter of modernity. With regard to rock music, as a rule, this rock is one day. Everything depends on the talent. If one day is so talented, that is already as art, ranging from vocal abilities and ending with some innovative arrangements, etc. - This is where you can learn. How would this is tutorial.

Any good composer understands measure talent of his works. And, as a rule, if the road it gets there, he should be able to look back, watch and itself to learn. Sometimes talented works appear in the period of madness, when you write on a whim without any tutorials. Sometimes give you the opportunity to see this measure of madness when you are already have time charges. Looking back, do you sometimes see that in your madness was laid a good idea, and if you broke off from it, then try to come back to this madness. That is, we should ignore it. Again purely psychologically.

For myself I know that the less you have, the less distracting some household moments, the easier it is to compose. If you get up in the morning and think about what's needed to repair a crane and roof - forget about music.

And the most dangerous moment is money. Once thought to earn money, you are joining to dangerous trail. Should be: whether you will be able to pass on it, earn money and to itself, as did all the great composers in the world. As a rule, pure creativity money does not. So sometimes many composers turned to craft - writing songs, performances, music, movies and etc.

Once earned money starts you please, you can take applied for now. And say to myself, "So did I! So here's the same! I'm so good to write even money get! ". A muse everything next, next, next.

The day before yesterday made one song and sent Grigoriy. The same day he record another my song in the Studio. And they both ballad songs. He says: "Oh, brother, but I can't grasp two ballads in a row!" and here last night I sat down and played the ballad guitar style reggae, and realized that this is not a ballad. It is very beautiful, structural, fashionable, delicious and reasonably clever reggae. So delighted that midnight has not slept.

Every artwork that do, first I record, think, try, and only then someone show. Should I get pleasure from the work itself. Whatever the simplicity or complexity it wasn't.

I may be wrong. Let's say there are in the Repertoire Grigoriy song that reach the discs, but previous concert Leps was called on it - "Words".

This is an amazing song! Gregory says that people are starting to include lighters and help me. It's about love. We with Karen, by the way, she wrote. It's not published, although he long ago her recorded and plays in concerts. So, I did not recognize the song. I made it such a beautiful. Added the Symphonic sounds, one another. Over three months. Think: why doesn't it inserts? It turns out, he put out, played just: Hammond organ, guitar, drums and sang. The beauty of pure!

No need to decorate that and so beautiful. This is also an experience. All try to knock out small their thoughts into sounds. And good thoughts mask is not necessary.

E.G. - At that time you have started to perform songs because not performer. Today you found?

Andrey Misin: - I meant only one music that except me, nobody would agree to serve. This is an amazing thing, but we are Patrushev on this topic before yesterday said. He said: "you can't give away their Christian Slavonic Northern music to anyone. Nobody even close is not suited to this topic ". - "Here's to gather people who sang this, this and this song". - "Take it easy! Such music space perceives only by you. How would you not sang her imperfect, or how would you her bungle made ".

This principle Musorgsky. How would bungle it wrote the musical score, but he has done exactly the way he couldn't do.

This is for my part that is not English, Slavic, not Nearslavic? music. No people in this way in this direction. As neither walked except me, so no one walks. This is a very responsible and terrible theme. This is the music, in which one wrong step - and everything turns in Paphos.

It was an interview and girl asked: "how we we'll call article? In general your music ". I said that my music musical for one person. I try to live a different life.

Incidentally, now I'm much better sing and better write new works. And all this thanks to pop music. "Drinking" other repertoire, start suddenly understand something new. Grigory me says: "Here song "Words"... I reply: "Good sang!". And it is: "Fuck, I won't repeat like her sang!". This is me says Leps, not the worst singer.

It is important that everything was properly emotionally. Earlier I didn't.

E.G. - You once said that Kormuhina: "On stage do not Stanislavski..."

Andrey Misin: - It's another story. I'm so treat their music which we are talking about. Here is some principle without identity. When speaking of eternal, author and artist should be like in the Church, as sung by Orthodox singers or Roman Catholics. You do not recognize the cantors in chorus. And even soloists not recognize. In this work I don't head. A master - piece. It originates from folklore.

When we turn to a culture that was fixed for centuries, honest approach to the material. We did Not. We may be his only conductors.

And in other musical genres in pop, rock there versa. There without leader to do nothing. Because the content: Yes, no, girl, baby-baby. This is also nice, but there are based on these words, all the chants to commercial music.

If you think at the moment of performances on stage about the meaning of the songs will be nonsense. You must please the people a voice vote, body, beauty, etc. You must give people joy songs. Therefore they are not very heavy. Even the darkest ballads in pop music are banal to the limit.

Once David Gilmour asked: "What you see secret "Pink Floyd" and your joy?" - "The main joy that we write quite difficult texts and people their understands and loves". It's not even about music said, and about the texts. There were aware that they listen.

Once in America asked his friend: "You have all, probably, in love with Michael Jackson and Madonna?" He says: "Do not function. Michael Jackson and Madonna is a superstar. It is not even being discussed. They have earned a lot of money, and this is also not being discussed. And we, here I am, for example (he is a member of the Clinton Administration) like Lou Reed, Tom Waits ".

Jackson and Madonna - held fact. And here's to love you what feels like love. When he said about Lou Reed and Tom Waits, I am very delighted. In the Russian administration of many like "Time machine", Viktor Tsoi, "Sunday", etc. What grew up something and love.

E.G. - Your wishes to all lovers of good music?

Andrey Misin: - We must be able to enjoy any music and only. Even if suddenly enjoy music score on two weeks - it was not okay. I once heard a group "Jethro Tull" and said "that's bullshit", and a year later she became one of the favorite me groups.

Man is not perfect, he could not understand. The main thing is not to deny not kicked that does not understand. Maybe in a year you will become the biggest fan of this.

I wish in the new year people forgot the word "crisis". All successfully it broke. It is not only financial and moral disaster. I wish people less pay attention that went into the street walking and breathe fresh air. Be happy!

Eugene Gavrilov

Online Edition "ProRock", JAN 12 2009

Andrey Misin's music © 2008
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