The old interview with Andrey Misin in 1992.

It is interview it was taken in the winter 1992. We then with friends tried to make musical magazine in Moscow. Attempt has not gone right. And interview remained.

There was also an interest to this person.

Soon Andrey was gone. Has ceased to appear on the telescreen, let even it is rare. Only once his(its) image has slipped in any reporting. I remember a theatrical stage, an empty hall, the information that Andrey Misin like would take part in any production, writes music for theatre …

And all! Then again for a long time silence!

At the end of 90 I with surprise have come across on Moscow market Gorbushka his disk "Slow fairy tales". Aha, means, creative movement all the same occur! But all the same, appear, that it(he) was at that moment somewhere very much far. Assumptions were different. Not worst of them that he has left from the country, is possible even to the same America, where his music - bitter paradox! - it seemed, it was more claimed.

Again I have recollected Andrey Misin recently. I do not know why. Probably, all the time. Has asked old friends, - whether know where he? In the answer advice to go in the Internet, it seems, he somewhere there, in web. Well, and all was farther simply…

Afflicts, that till now, apparently, there is no official site. I hope Andrey will forgive to me my amateur performance and that this old interview has appeared on a site of Web Club without his consent.

Quite I admit, that in interview something is obsolete. Now there would be other questions and answers. 1992 was, is accessible only vinyl "Stranger", the musical industry chokes with the information "therefrom" and shaft of production to which aspires to prove that is able not worse. It is not skilful and till now has hardly probable learned.

It is going I lower here detailed comments of his songs. Yes will forgive me admirers, not all in his songs is pleasant to me. Well, for example, some places instructive gravity. The composer Misin and arranger seems to me more interestingly the singer Misin - he has surprising on beauty and sounding music! But all this - my difficulties, and they do not cancel obvious. Do not cancel gravity and honesty of the relation of the author to the his business. Do not cancel this ingenious formula, in which 95 percents best craft and 5 percents - talent. Also do not cancel, at last, this equality of the author and the artist to itself which, as well as natural in such a case the sincerity, very much costs.

It is pathosly? Quite probably.
Best regards…
Sergey IVER
September 2005, Moscow

Permanent search of a Fine Sound

When friends have advised me to buy his LP, I have refused. Whether few plates have left lately, to all will not listen. Hesitated. To buy is means like as if not love the respect is exact. When then at the same friends a plate has heard, again hesitated. But already intentionally. Has understood, that at the first opportunity!..
To assume, what I shall go in one of southern areas of Moscow?! To interview! It was already too.

Also I go...

S.I.: - Andrey, you has appeared suddenly two years back at once as the usual musician. Event mysterious. What to this preceded, parents, the childhood?..

A.M.: - Well, I do not know, as far as it is important for formation of the further musical taste. We shall tell so, all childhood I listened to the Soviet popular mass music in execution of the parents and their friends. People frequently gathered the companies, sang songs then all was somehow easier, more cheerful. What is, my parents together with friends sang not those ancient songs, such as "On Don walks …" or "Because of island …" which now it is accepted to shout in the companies, they sang songs Babajanyan, "the Blue taiga" - all that was then so popularly. Thus father played on an accordion and, actually, tried to learn me. In general, such history has turned out, that I very much early, years from seven beginnings to select music on an accordion, as though accompanying these songs.

I was born near Leningrad, in city of Lodeinoe Pole. Then we with parents moved much, and music education I began in city Aktyubinsk, then Dzhambul. As well as all children who learn to play on national tools, I in every possible way avoided it. Even in spite of the fact that in city Rudny, in a court yard of a house where we lived, there was a musical school. I under the windows of this school drove a ball and wanted to become the football player. But has then decided to become the doctor, has acted in medical institute and two years has studied on medical branch.

In city Rudny there was not enough a musical information. After that have moved to Chelyabinsk. Rather big city, and the correct information there acted. The Beatles, Credence Clearwater Revival, Jimmy Hendrix, The Cream… And when I have heard Emerson, Like and Palmer, I have understood, that the medicine does not threaten me. I have thrown all and began this circle anew. In 1971 has gone to army, has then acted in school, then a conservatory, branch of a composition. After that happened so, that I have moved to Moscow. To be realized in Moscow, simply approximately three years was necessary to get familiar with moscow people, musicians. As speak "to be rubred"...

Perhaps, it is the most difficult moment in life of the musician of any country. The standard variant - the person comes to New York, nobody knows he and the first two years he works as the taxi driver, the cleaner. But he not simply works, he gets a circle of familiar. It with me happened. I worked in system of Moscow Concert, later in the Yaroslavl Philharmonic Society. Later, when acquaintances have reached certain level, has had an opportunity to record in studio. After recorded two-three tape albums with not defined music I have that music style which you know. The first album referred to "the Fifth corner". The amusing album, with very interesting ideas, but is very nonprofessionally recorded - then I have not reached the necessary skill...

I had to search for a vocal manner of my songs. I thought it enough one of known vocal styles. Appeared, no. There are people which are born with already incorporated nucleus. Here to search nothing it is necessary - by a nature it is found. For example, Mozart. I from what very long listen to itself. As in Russian fairy tale about Ilya Muromets who on the furnace has lain till 33 years. Critical age. The person up to age of the Christ searches, studies, then starts to give at the found grain. Most difficultly to find this grain. It is necessary to play various music… I played both a jazz, and rock, and avantguarde. Also as restaurant musician. It was necessary practice that there was no more desire to play and finally find the unique sound colouring... Make something is not present at others. Approximately so.

S.I.: - You are pleased with the released long-play?

A.M.: - Well, it is impossible to tell, that it is not pleased. I think, if the person is pleased with fifty percents of that is on a LP it is success. Success internal, for itself. I have in a kind that material which is on a plate, instead of quality of copying and vinyl which at us in the country very low. Master records and that is released then on a LP is the ground and the sky.

The material on the first LP on 70% has satisfied me. It even now, in three years after recording, is not obsolete. And at people precisely same reaction. Like, long songs, and a plate you listen on one breath. I think, the certain role that songs were written on the subjects leaving for daily occurrence has played. Such material does not belong to the moment, it spreads on time. I very much love such plan sounding, such form of submission. And the poetry … it has as though fastened all. Sound variant "New Faust" has not gone right. The introduction normal, and then wrong instruments… I wrote then on instruments under the name " that will be ".

S.I.: - Your songs are similar to parables. Allegorysm, some didactic. "The Angel of dream" is more melodious. "Four Mysteries" - are mysterious…

A.M.: - "Four mysteries" - just a experiment to compose a beautiful song, not becoming simpler up to frameworks of pop. At all thus, words should be very simple, accessible. But paradox what this song is not read by people in my performance. All other power of an album has interrupted it. It is a pity. There is any truth. Now we have made a video clip. I think, after several ethers it will go up.

S.I.: - Just about, about power, an aesthetics of the album…

A.M.: - The aesthetics of the album was such: from darkness, through "the Angel of dream", through problems of the Earth, through "Prayer of Atheist", then arrival of the Christ, denying, and in a result the person remains on the Earth simply in private with any ordinary things. Conceptually it so. But at all it, the songs which were pulled out one by one, have everyone completely independent value. Listening my songs began to share. Liking, so to say, a flyings - prefer "The Angel of dream", devout - "Stranger", rockers - "The Star and the Cross"… Not only rockers it is pleasant, I showed this music to composers on the Broadway. From all songs they have sunk down on two, on "The Star..." and "Four Mysteries".

S.I.: - "The concept of the album". Magic, even a romantic word whence from our not so far youth when seldom it was possible to listen to good artists.

A.M.: - Is about what I spoke. The grain assumes to concern in further to each appearing song proceeding from criteria of this grain. Then they stick together among themselves, and a question only in on what place to put each song.

S.I.: - That is, all of them, the songs which have appeared in a certain time interval, are "already incorporated"?.. There are any features in the composition of your songs?

A.M.: - No, ordinarily, as at all. It cannot be understood.

S.I.: - So means "Stranger" is Christ? A silly question…

A.M.: - I do not know. I wrote it simply as a ballad. In half-year to me have told, that it is music about the Christ. For me sometimes simply colouring of words, a situation, all these revolutions of words much more mean: forest, candles, fingers which burn, a toad, milk. The part of my ancestors was foresters.

S.I.: - How at you mutual relation with genres? You take what is necessary for you?

A.M.: - With me all is very simple. There come verses, music or on the contrary, and then, the most important moment - to think as it is possible to submit this music. All should be written inside me. On the second album I have very cool things!.. Familiar to me spoke, what, a pier, the old man, instead of whether too you have complicated? I long listened, came into studio, recorded and listened, recorded and listened. In result last song, "Black day", has suddenly found standard sonata form, When there is an introduction, an exposition, development, a reprise and a code. And all this for four minutes! Listen!

S.I.: - Similar, you are first and last executor of your music?

A.M.: - Many familiar speak me, that I the happiest person. I write that is pleasant to me and thus I have an audience. And I know, that there will come that period when I shall start to go deep into a word "composition". Now it is a bricks. Tests. Sometimes I even incorrectly sing. But I not the singer. Itself it was necessary to study in this, the material does not live outside of performance. And when I speak the same friends, the pier, can someone will sing, they speak, - "Throw these idea, this will be bad!"..

S.I.: - And you for anybody did not write specially?

A.M.: - Tried to sing and Valery Leontyev and Laima Vaikule. Leontyev even one song has issued at itself on a LP. But it was so wrong perusal of a material!.. They good guys, good singers. But...

I could entrust the music under one condition, - it will be sung in English and the whole theatre.

S.I.: - And in German?

A.M.: - In sense, not in Russian. In Russian there was that tragical thing when the material, me fixed, outside of me is not perceived any more. Imagine the first album on which each song is sung by different vocalists. "Angel" - very high soprano, "Country cemetery" - is very cool, allow, Murrey Head with such very strong voice. I managed to transfer with the help of arrangement mood of words. People in Canada, America, not understanding any word, approached and told about what these songs.

S.I.: - There is no desire to address to theatre?

A.M.: - There is a desire to address to a musical. But in our country this genre is not advanced at all and should pass still the evolution. While it will make evolution, I shall die.

S.I.: - Like "Jesus Christ - Superstar"?..

A.M.: - Yes, but with a plenty of opera voices.

S.I.: - In your music the whole symphonic orchestra sounds...

A.M.: - I have play all on keyboards. While in the orchestra there is no need, yes at me and money is not present, that it to pay, but not this main thing. I play on keyboards how it arranges me. At transition to scenic variant I shall give so-called "pigs" on which all parties are audible, and parties for musicians will make local arranger.

S.I.: - Who you, the artist or the composer?

A.M.: - Sitting at home, I think - "fuck off, this stage!" Stepping onstage and after a successful concert, I think - "like, I'm the actor".

S.I.: - How you treat to such idea, that the composer writes, for example, Russian music not due to what he Russian, and, faster, contrary to this?

A.M.: - Never reflected. I write music which sounds at me in a head. And on the roots I not Russian.

What "Angel" - Russian song? Yes this ordinary spane-italian Baroque. Take, play it on a harpsichord. Simply I have connected all this together through myself. Me like from russian… You know, what has told my teacher on harmony? At your music two things are surprisingly combined: tragical Musorgsky and epical Borodin.

S.I.: - And who from them actually has influenced?

A.M.: - All is absolutely! Shostakovich, Prokofiev. But thus I love music Olivier Messiaen or, allow, Bella Bartok. Thus, music of Musorgsky I can not listen more than ten minutes. Tell me as it is possible to divide music of Musorgsky, Borodin, Prokofiev, Shostokovich? They in uniform process. It is passing music. Without one there would be no another. Without The Beatles would not be, we allow, ELP or Rick Wakeman. We, unfortunately, have lost this continuity. That in America has appeared rap, it was necessary to pass all stages: electric, hip-hop and so forth. Our guys have for some reason decided, that rap is simply jumps. And it is the present culture of the afroamericans living in the big cities. We count, if there is somewhere an idea, we have taken it and already a Kings! Nothing similar. Any idea passes evolution. Anyone!

S.I.: - In the country economic decline. As if a doomsday, all feverishly enjoy. Profanity is inevitable. And suddenly such thoughtful attitude to all…

A.M.: - When I lived in Alma-Ata, I already tried to write music of a similar direction. In the person it or is, or is not present. I can tell to you an interesting thing. To nobody told. My father, very serious man, sometimes "gave abrupt". And in the childhood when he very loudly abused me, I started to cry, I had such sensation as if I hang in a corner of room and observe this stage from the side. It is impossible to describe! I from the childhood absolutely precisely reproduced the same information which I give out now. At me never was desires and attempts to write something specially, say, a hit. I write only that somewhere is already incorporated. To 1977 more year in Alma-Ata when I have written down the first variant of songs, Musicians spoke me, that so it to make it is impossible, this not music, it can not incorporate thus. Though I specially nothing thought out. A strange thing - I like the same books, verses, subjects…

To me speak, that I write between styles. For me it means not between styles, and any other order between them.

And this sensation of that all at me inside, that I already any lifes of veins, sensation of flight, at night infinite dreams of flight … all this develops in one. Not the religion, and devotion, an easy element of devotion in my creativity for me means first of all the order of things. Somewhere I read, that the Russian person trusts not in the God, and in belief. And so it - I. The precise order of things, belief, that the person can this cleaning belief pass only through expiation by a victory. All! I not the dogmatic person. I non-christian. I think, that the God of me and so has noted, have enabled to compose. Victor Tatarsky has wonderfully told, - in Russia it is possible to live non-christian, terribly non-christian to die.

I like in orthodoxy dream of the Temple. When I look at a temple, I test very much positive emotions. When I come inside a temple - it would be desirable to leave. Intermediaries are not need for me. I agree to communicate with people, but at their level and somewhere in such calm!.. On me the greater emotional effect is made with protestant sound culture. Absolutely precise order of components making it! And at us - viscosity of Russian choral music, a continuity, cadenceloss, - all this is good, but my music is square. Quite precise division, crushing. Other, that then this square form is somehow overcome, it gives continuousness to a material, and it is understood. Otherwise it would be lost. Take music of Shostakovich. Completely precise logical, mathematical structure which overcomes melodism. I can not do two affairs simultaneously, I can not flit on any inventions.

S.I.: - You play on many musical instruments…

A.M.: - I own that gentlemen's set which is inherent in any musician. All guitars, keyboard, besides, an accordion. Other thing, I from everyone keyboard am able to take sounds of the natural instrument.

S.I.: - Is it possible?

A.M.: - It is possible.

S.I.: - You always work alive?

A.M.: - Give we about soundtracks in general we shall not speak. Under a soundtrack - it is extreme then when qualitatively to sound it is impossible. Then senselessly to sing! It refers to "to kill the self music". It is better to refuse.

S.I.: - Way of life?

A.M.: - Continuous desire in the mornings to send all this very far and to leave in a forest to cut fire wood. Then a touch to a sound and an infinite pursuit of it within day.

S.I.: - How you work in studio?

A.M.: - I work at that time which to me give. Up to a limit. It is possible to work and 5-6 hours, but it does not mean, that coming home, it is possible to relax.

S.I.: - How the daughter concerns to your music?

A.M.: - Fine.

S.I.: - It is pleasant to her?

A.M.: - I do not know. No, something is pleasant. But it is the daughter … Let only will tell, that it is not pleasant to her!

S.I.: - There is a problem of perception abroad?

A.M.: - At me - is not present. I meaningly set to myself this question. You know what the general success!

S.I.: - Public speaking another language?

A.M.: - I do not communicate with emigrants. In general! It snot. I respect 5-6 person. Nuriev, Baryshnilov, Rostropovich, Vishnevskaya - those people which and there have weight not as emigrants. They there are engaged same, than engaged here, at the same level, not trying at all to get used. The country gets used to them.

S.I.: - Your supertask?

A.M.: - It always one. Self-expression. To catch continuousness of music that, God forbid, on there was an impoverishment of idea, that not a mouth low, all of us people … Creativity rescues from only. Music takes out from any low condition.

S.I.: - When there will be a second album?

A.M.: - Album should be released already. The material a long time is recorded, but because, that now not clear economic laws, people are afraid to release something. I dream this year to record two more.

S.I.: - And where clips? It is possible is cool take off!

A.M.: - I waited, while our clipmakers which exhaust from a finger will exhaust. The clip should have good music in a basis. Not that lack of talent on what it is shoot at us… is not clips, these are candy wrappers. Musically to tell there is nothing. In the west clipmakers shoot under the supreme level. And here from poverty also it turns out poorly. Is good luck, but, as a rule, they are characterized by our russian sneer. That "Country Limonia", that "I do not love you". It is that side which characterizes us - either christianity, or sneer. But when copy the western culture!.. So make rap-clips or rock-clips. Khleborobov has shoot Sitkovetsky. But it already very long time ago was, it for fools who nothing know.

I shall shoot now under the my scripts, absolute to think over all, any liberties. I know that I want. But when to me offer to go to remove "Another's" on a bog because frogs there croak and there are marsh fires!.. Dismiss me!

Andrey Misin's music © 2008
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