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The biography of mr. Andrei Misin

Andrei Misin is the Russian songwriter and sound producer, multiinstrumentalist and singer. He live in Moscow, Russian Federation. He is autor many songs and instrumental things.

Misin, Andrei Aleksandrovich was born March, 3, 1954 in city Lodeinoe Pole of Leningrad Region. Sang in chorus of boys (city Cherepovets, the Vologda region). Has left musical school in city Taraz (Dzhambul, Kazakhstan) on a class of an accordion. After the second rate of the Chelyabinsk medical institute he was called up for soviet army and directed to Schuchin, Belorussia.

In 1975-79 Andrei studied in the Almaty musical college on branch of the theory of music (honours degree). In 1979-84 he studied in the Almaty state conservatory. Serious influence on becoming of the future musician rendered creativity of russian composers Modest Mussorgsky, Aleksander Borodin, Anatoly Liadov, Sergei Prokofiev, Dmitry Shostvich and others, and also english art-rock, european world music. In the Conservatory Misin creates rock group "Russian, Croatian, German", which soon broke up: Russian singer and composer Andrei Misin moved to Moscow, German drummer Willi Frank emigrated to Germany, and Croatian Vladimir Mikloshich stayed in Almaty and a bass player known group new-Arai, later ASTUDIO.

In 1985 Andrei comes to Moscow the certificated composer. Three years it works in Moskontsert in structure of group "Chas pik". Andrei gets acquainted with former engineer Sergei Patrushev, which becomes his basic poetic co-author. The first author's compositions collected in a tape-album were record in Andrei Sinyaev's home studio, arranged in rock and reflect search characteristic "misinsky" style. The most characteristic song from this album - "Nemaya Kniga" ("The speechless book") which verses were written by Andrei. Later this song was sang by Valery Leontyev under the name "Starik" ("Old man").

After final disintegration of group "Chas Pik" Andrei begins solo career of the composer and the executor of own songs. Serious search of verses and music on them begins those years. Songs were in studio of the Moscow Palace of Youth (MDM) recorded at participation skilled sound producer Igor Zamaraeff. These tracks was included in an album "Chuzhoi" (The Outsider), 1989 which was released on LP's (by Melodia) and compact cassettes in 1989.

Igor Zamaraeff always was the person advanced, watched development of the European musical culture, insisted on use of ethnic traditions still at the end of 80. On those times it there was very serious studio, hardly probable not the best in Moscow. Creation of this album became the first serious step to a national recognition and popularity, those bright songs and are now claimed by people.

The constant co-author of the composer is poet Sergei Patrushev on which verses are written overwhelming majority of songs of Andrei Misin. Andrei wrote music on verses of other authors, but leaves, that Sergei understands him as anybody another and expresses it in the verses.

In 1989-91 Andrei takes part in a number of the Russian and international musical competitions where with success executes the hits and gets popularity. These years he executed the songs in concert programs of popular group "Freestyle", acting on stadium concerts separate number. The first premium in the international telecompetition "The Step to Parnassus" (the second premium Igor Talkov has received), the first premium for a song "The Outsider" (verses Imants Ziedonis) at all-Union competition "the Magic crystal", a prize of the best composer at the international competition "the Voice of Asia" (Almaty).

In two years, after release of an album "The Outsider", new songs were composed and they were issued on the first CD "Az yesm" (I am), 1991 with inclusion of the majority of songs from a longplay "The Outsider". Duplicating of disks is released by company BSA Records (Riga, Latvia).

In 1991 Igor Zamaraeff has invited Lappish singer Mari Boine from whom the joint album "Joik and Moscow" (CD, 1993) was written down. From the Russian side known Moscow musicians Sergei Starostin, Sergei Kalachev, Inna Zhelannaya, Andrei Misin participated. Recently the album was republished (" Winter In Moscow ", CD, 2001) because interest to it suddenly has unexpectedly grown. The idea neo-folk soundings of an album of the beginning to be developed still at the end of 80 in MDM studio at sound producer Igor Zamaraeff and at multiinstrumentalist Andrei Misin.

In 1992 A. Misin has composed music to movie "Pustelga" of director Sergei Rusv (film studio "Barmaley" by Rolan Bykov).

On selection round of the Russian competition "Song - 93" the song "Komu Ty Nuzhen?" ("Who Needs You?") executed by Olga Kormukhina.

March, 12 1994 Andrei participated in the national ending of competition of the Eurovision-94 with a song "Russian lyrical" and has occupied 3 place.

The second digital album "Svoboda" (Freedom), 1994 enters the name and issued on CD. The album is allocated from others special with harmony of verses and music to what the author indefatigably aspires.

Andrei has idea of record of a new album in good foreign studio. In Red SunSet studio (Los Angeles) the album "Medlennye Skazki" (Slow fairy tales), 1996, with attraction of sessional American musicians was recorded. But the result has not satisfied the author.

In July 1996 at the international competition "the Slavic Market" (Vitebsk) "the Military Lullaby" was awarded with a special prize "For the best song". In same year Andrei Misin has entered the Union of composers of Russia. As the professional composer he has written many songs for known Russian vocalists among which Valery Leontiev, Alla Pugacheva, Valeria, Laima Vaikule, Christina Orbakaite, Olga Kormukhina, Linda, Vadim Kazachenko, Irina Klimova. See photos

In 1998 at the Moscow theatre of name Mayvsky drama performance "Chuma na oba vashih doma!" by libretto Gregory Gorin, music to performance has written Andrei, and also he acted as the singer simply singing on a stage with a guitar. Music to performance is not issued yet. For considerable time of the professional creativity Andrei Aleksandrovich has written many songs in different occasions and requests. He has plans to issue the collection of songs for theatre, cinema, a circus, different celebrations etc.

In 2002 Andrei has working on the block of songs for young ethno-vocalist Tania Pashkova. In 2003 singer Maiya has executed some new songs, including "the Sky on the ground" and "Long night".

In 2004 music to new performance the "The Dwarf" put by Tatiana Akhramkova at Theatre of name Mayvsky is written.

In January, 2005 ARK-System Records has released the collection "Andrei Misin. The Best of 1989-1995", 2004.

In 2009 Andrei was captivated by the accordion play. Andrei has working on the block of "french chanson" songs for co-author Inna Subbotina, who sang all songs of her new programm "A French Kiss". CD "Inna Subbotina. A French Kiss" was released in 2012.

In 2015 after a break of 19 years, was released fifth numbered CD-album "Andrei Misin. Pere-good", contains elf new songs with the lyrics Yurii Vorotnin, the poet and builder.

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