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Andrei Misin. Diskography

CD «Andrei Misin. Pere-good»

Music - Andrei Misin     Lyrics - Yurii Vorotnin

2015 CD 2015

Album recording - Vladimir Osinsky studio, Studio 10RECORDS.
Tracking - Andrei Misin, Radim Grizbil, Valentin Osinsky.
Mastering - Leonid Vorobyov, Andrei Misin. Soundproducer - Andrei Misin.
Vocal, guitar, keyboards, accordion - Andrei Misin.
Bass guitar - Dmitrii Simonov. Percussion - Andrei Atabekov.
Drums - Aleksei Kravtsov. Backvocal - Anastasiya Streltsova.

First Music Publishing, 2015

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Compilation CD «Andrei Misin. The Best 1989 - 1995»

ARK-System Records, 2004

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CD «Andrei Misin. Slow Tales»

BSA Records, Audio CD, 1996

Composer: Andrei Misin.
Musicians: Trey Henry bass (5),
Nick DeVergilio drums (5,6,8),
Leonid Gutkin bass (6),

Red SunSet studio (Los Angeles)

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CD «Andrei Misin. Freedom»

BSA Records, Audio CD, 1994

Verses:Sergei Patrushev (1-6, 8-12),
Stan Povelikin (7), Imants Ziedonis (13).
Composer: Andrei Misin

MDM Studio. Moscow, 1994.

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CD «Andrei Misin. I am»

BSA Records, Audio CD, 1991

Composer, arranger, producer: Andrei Misin
Verses: I. Ziedonis (1,5,12,14),
B. Slutsky (3), S. Borisov (6),
L. Tarakanova (9), S. Patrushev (other),
Keyboards, guitars, vocal: Andrei Misin
Drums: Vladimir Dolsky.

Records: MDM Studio, Moscow, 1991.

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LP «Outsider» Andrei Misin's Songs

"Melody" Firm, 1989, USSR. Records in MDM Studio (Moscow), 1989.

Side A:
New Faust
Dream Angel
Rural Cemetery
Atheistic Prayer
Side B:
Who Needs You?
Four Mysteries

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